Feather Love Artist Workshop: Many Thanks

I feel like I’ve been moving through a haze these past few days -  slowly coming down from the high that was the Feather Love Artist Workshop.  Two brilliant days of inspiration, positivity, creation, and sharing with a group of beautiful and talented artists.  I spent the weekend soaking in the experience so it can take root.  What it will grow into, I don’t know.  But the journey will be awesome!

I’ll share my personal experience in-depth once I get film back from the lab, but for now, I just want to give thanks.  I’m so grateful to Noa for opening her home and heart – for being such a strong supportive force and shaking loose my mental cobwebs.  To Sarah Carter, for being so selfless with her glowing spirit and energy. To Chloe Aftel, for enduring the journey down to San Diego to impart her Polaroid chops on us. To Anne Sage, for sharing her invaluable blogging and social media experience (and super cute kitty cat). To Gjelina, for delighting my tastebuds with the most amazing food that I’m still drooling over. To Stacy of Hello Cupcake for bringing it all together. To Stuart, for not choking me out when I broke their lounge chair by the pool. (Not that he really would. Sorry about that!)  To my fellow workshoppers, and everyone else involved, thank you for just being present and sharing your unique perspectives.  It was such a pleasure to meet you all.

We shot some Impossible film with Chloe, so I do have one photo to share. My first Polaroid success! It certainly helps to have a beautiful lady in the photo.  Here’s Tina from the photography duo Tina & Coco.

Feather Love Workshop


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Amanda - love this! thanks so much for sharing!

Cass - Ooh… That is hauntingly beautiful. Can’t wait to see more!

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