Prelude : Bouldering in Joshua Tree

The day before their desert wedding, Lindsey and Ryan set aside some adventuring time for bouldering. Going into it, I had no idea what it was all about. I’m still in awe of the technique - such strength and coordination to get up a gigantic rock with just your hands, feet, and will power. They supported each other through their climb with gentle words of encouragement, helpful hands if the other should falter, and praise for their accomplishments. Sounds like the makings for a great marriage!

If you have something fun and adventurous you’re planning around your wedding day, get in touch.

I’d love to photograph it!

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Kristin - ah! love these! I love seeing people engaged in doing what they love to do with people they love, haha, beautiful images!

Cass - I love these shots Teresa! The colors are beautiful and what an awe-inspiring landscape (for this European anyway!). I’m just curious: what are those huge things they were carrying on their backs? They look like landing pads – to jump of bolders onto. Could that possibly be right?

Teresa - Hi Cass. :) You are correct! Those are big cushy landing pads to jump on. Hope all is not-so-boring in Brussels and thank you, as always, for your sweetness.


Impossible Project filmImpossible Project filmImpossible Project Double ExposureImpossible Project film

Believe it or not, these were shot on b&w film – expired PZ 600 Silver Shade Cool. So, why all the crazy colors? I waited about 4 months before scanning them, and during that time, the film changed; the color shifted and tiny bubbles speckled the surface.  Initially, I was sad that they had changed so much, but now, I’ve embraced the evolution.

 Thank you for Polaroid playtime,  Kristin! You’re a beauty through & through.

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sunny - Incredible warmth and chill all at once. These are golden.

Robin aka Gotham Girl - Teresa, so happy to see more of your art! Love these very very much! The bubbles totally make it in my opinion!

Kristin - love what you create T!! and feel so privileged to be a part of your creations! love love these!

Erin - Love, love, LOVE! Ethereal. Beautiful.

Cass - I agree: the bubbles and beautiful colors add to these pictures! You have such an original and inimitable style.

Mysteries of the Salton Sea

Someone recently asked what draws me to this crazy place. So much of it is the mystery of how things have changed from one visit to the next.  How a couch that was once in a run down house will have made its way into the water. How the shoe that was sitting on top of the hollowed out television is now tossed away in the bushes. Fundamentally, it fulfills my need to explore and wander. The Salton Sea never disappoints. Its nooks & crannies are filled with gnarliness, secret messages, and beauty. So much was uncovered with my adventure companions, Nicole and Carlton.




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Jasmine - OHMIGORSH. The shot from the yacht club at the birds.
Oh, my breath, it’s all gone.

I love how you put it, Teresa—that is precisely the pull I feel, too, and it’s so hard to explain it to folks who don’t feel it.

Cass - You are a master maker of dreamscapes: beauty, color, characters, a little bit of the surreal and that occasional slightly uneasy feeling that all is not as it should be – you capture it all perfectly. These are beautiful Teresa.